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Office Design: Benefits of Stand-Up Desks

September 15, 2015 10:22:50 AM CDT

The majority of professionals in 2015 have jobs that keep them sitting throughout much of the workday. Estimates of how much time people spend sitting down can be as high as 15 hours a day! Even with the most comfortable office chair, sitting for extended periods of time has a profound impact on overall health and well-being. In fact, research has shown correlations with serious conditions such as heart disease, and diabetes.    Read More
Problems can develop in any work environment, but when you work from a home office it’s a little too easy to allow things to slip. Think about it – very rarely does your boss stop by your work desk when you work from home, and it’s rare to have co-workers weighing in opinions on how tidy you keep your workspace. Family members can start overstepping bounds, using the workspace for their own needs, or if you live alone you may find your time within the home office has increased steadily leading to a variety of problems.    Read More

Optimize Classrooms & Learning with AV

July 16, 2015 4:45:38 PM CDT

As more States and school systems adopt Common Core Standards, many are simultaneously adopting enhanced standardized testing to improve the ability to measure students’ progress, strengths, and weaknesses. When it comes to incorporating Common Core State Standards, some education systems are at a loss as to where to start or where to go next once they’ve begun. If your State has adopted one of the two key standardized testing models, by PARCC or Smarter Balanced, a good next step is to ensure all students are equipped with the necessary technology and devices to support the tests.    Read More
Implementing the Common Core State Standards can prove daunting at times, especially when given a set of guidelines but not explicit guidance. As part of the Common Core State Standards, students are expected to improve their reading and comprehension capabilities for better performance, on a global scale, when it comes to reading and content knowledge. Teachers can organize classroom reading activities to support these efforts, providing a range of appropriate reading materials for students to access, and engaging the class in active discussions about different texts.    Read More
No matter what type of business you run, legally you know that you require worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance protects you and your employees in case something goes wrong or if they are injured on the job. While this is a legal requirement for all businesses, you can reduce the risk that an employee will have to use the worker’s compensation insurance by simply using utility carts in certain areas throughout your business.    Read More

Research and Analysis in Modern Classrooms

May 7, 2015 4:49:00 PM CDT

Part of Common Core State Standards is to ensure students are learning how to conduct proper research, and how to critically analyze information. Classrooms and teachers often face a range of different abilities from one student to the next, including English language learners (ELLs) and special education students. Attempting to guide all students to the same results using the same approach can be frustrating for classroom administrators, so many teachers are taking a flexible approach to teaching these essential research skills. Modern classrooms can provide the tools to optimize this learning process while still supporting the independent efforts and progress of each student.    Read More
Common Core State Standards expect students to be able to approach problems and apply problem-solving skills effectively. While students may be able to do this well, not every student understands providing evidence for their problem-solving approach. Evidence makes their approach obvious to others, and helps verify the accuracy by which they have solved or addressed a given problem. Teaching the use of evidence in problem-solving can be done early in compulsory education and reinforced throughout the year, and year after year, to ensure students graduate high school and progress to college and careers with these essential skills.    Read More

5 Worst Habits Typical of Freelancers

April 8, 2015 3:09:00 PM CDT

Some employers cringe at the thought of hiring freelancers or someone who is self-employed but lacking a traditional business office. Perhaps they had a bad experience or maybe the cringing is purely from anecdotes they’ve picked up from others. No matter the cause, as a self-employed professional or freelancer it can be difficult to sell services to such clients, and even if hired they can constantly be on the lookout for signs of negative attributes.    Read More

Helping Reluctant and Frustrated Readers

April 1, 2015 10:49:00 AM CDT

Almost every classroom has at least a few reluctant readers. Whether the students are reluctant because they don’t find the class reading assignments interesting, or they don’t find them challenging, or they lack the confident reading skills some peers possess makes little difference in the long-run – if students aren’t reading, they aren’t developing the necessary vocabulary, imagination, reasoning and critical thinking skills needed to perform well in a Common Core environment where in-depth reading is an important focus. So what can be done to help inspire reluctant or frustrated readers?    Read More
More than half of all States are using standardized tests produced by Smarter Balanced or the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). These standardized tests are computer-based, rather than the classic bubble sheet-style testing conducted in classrooms for decades. In addition to the enhanced technological approach, the tests also require students have headphones, earbuds, or a headset with attached microphone, to accommodate listening in certain parts of the tests. For the current 2014-2015 school year, the tests only require listening but future tests will include speaking portions so students will ultimately require microphones as well.    Read More
Many professionals prefer to consider their free time as free; free from work, free from obligations, free from anything that’s not fun. The wisest professionals, however, maximize their work productivity by using a bit of their free time to optimize their lives and minds. Once this becomes a habit, free time can be optimized as well, giving plenty of time for fun stuff while still maintaining a productive work life, a clear mind, and a positive attitude – all of which benefit professionals in their work.    Read More

7 DIY Home Office Design Ideas for Business

February 25, 2015 11:26:00 AM CST

Whether you’re new to working from home or have an already established home office, updating your workspace can refresh your energy and give your work a boost. Although it happens in traditional offices too, it’s very easy to allow clutter and dust to pile up in a home office, which begins to slow work output and degrade energy and motivation to work over time. The following design ideas can help refresh and update your home workspace, be it an office, a room, a corner, or any location in your home.    Read More

Helping Students Help Themselves

February 11, 2015 8:59:00 AM CST

The majority of States have adopted Common Core Standards in compulsory education as a means of better preparing students in grades K-12 for college and life. Part of this implementation and new learning approach involves the teaching of thinking to students. Faced with the task of teaching children how to think in accordance with a set of global-based standards leads many teachers to frustration, but the process doesn’t have to be so daunting.    Read More
The implementation of Common Core State Standards throughout the U.S. leaves many parents and teachers frustrated, confused, and concerned, and this does little to help the students who must meet these standards. Common Core is an innovative approach to optimizing compulsory education, helping students acquire the necessary skills to compete on a global scale as they advance to college, careers, and throughout their lives. Changing modern classrooms to meet the Common Core State Standards can be a challenge for teachers, students, and parents alike, but with the right attitude and a bit of flexibility it doesn’t have to be.    Read More

Set Up Classrooms to Optimize Student Engagement

February 4, 2015 11:00:00 AM CST

Significant focus is given to classroom lesson planning when it comes to Common Core State Standards, but many classrooms are not arranged for optimal benefit. Encouraging students to actively participate, engage each other in groups, make use of classroom materials for learning, research, and projects, and apply the necessary skills for their grade-level can often be hindered by poorly arranged or under-furnished classrooms. Simple changes can go a long way in maximizing the Common Core learning environment and the learning experience.    Read More

13 Misconceptions About Working At Home

December 23, 2014 3:58:00 PM CST

There are many misconceptions surrounding those that work from home. Whether working as a freelancer or telecommuting for a company, people working from home face these misconceptions and prejudgments on a regular basis. Learning the facts and simply talking to them about the details of their work life can enlighten the misinformed. Who knows – perhaps you’re next to jump on the telecommuting or freelancing bandwagon.    Read More

12 Signs You Should Invest In Your Home Office

December 15, 2014 1:49:00 PM CST

Whether it’s been months, years, or forever since you last updated your home office, if you’re working from home even some of the time it can make a difference in your overall mood, enthusiasm, and productivity when your work environment suits your specific needs. It’s sometimes difficult, however, to actually push yourself to upgrade your home office when there isn’t anything particularly wrong or outdated about it. The following can be considered good indicators that an upgrade is in order, and can help the stubborn home office worker justify the decision to update their workspace.    Read More

Home Office Survival: Adjusting to Seasonal Changes

December 12, 2014 1:29:00 PM CST

Whether working from home or a traditional office, the seasonal changes can sometimes wreak havoc on energy levels, fatigue, motivation, and overall mood. Commonly referred to as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, when the symptoms are severe enough the individual changes that come with the seasonal changes can actually be diagnosed as a condition. But you don’t necessarily have to have severe symptoms to recognize changes in yourself that seem to coincide with the changes in the seasons, and there are some things that can be done to make life easier as we head into Winter.   Read More

7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Freelancers

December 8, 2014 11:42:33 AM CST

Looking for holiday gift ideas for a freelancer in your life? It can be tough finding the right gift when you’re hoping for something useful or practical. Freelancers often work from home and, depending on their particular professional field, may have a home office or home workspace. If the home office is relatively organized, it’s best to avoid offering gifts such as organizers or furniture. On the other hand, if the furniture in the home office is outdated, old, or just lacking – furniture can be a welcome gift. Technology options are also excellent gift ideas, especially for freelancers that utilize a lot of technology in their work. Consider the following gift ideas for freelancers this holiday season.   Read More

Top 6 Ways to Use Your Free Time Productively

December 4, 2014 9:28:33 AM CST

When you work at home, it’s sometimes difficult to draw the line between work and downtime. Starting out, you may have clear, set boundaries but over time the boundaries blur and you find yourself using your free time to get more work done. Sometimes, when free time is anticipated, you may find yourself working at a slower pace than using that downtime to catch up on work instead. This approach is counterproductive because it’s basically the equivalent of working seven days a week without a day off.   Read More

Manage Your Online Presence and Brand

December 1, 2014 1:37:00 PM CST

Whether you’re new to internet marketing, self-promotion, and branding, or been at it a while, there is always something to be done regarding the management of your online presence. Managing your online presence will ensure that your links, references, and websites appear in the appropriate search engine results when potential clients are seeking services you provide. The more control you possess over your online presence and brand image, the better – and this is true no matter what field you work in.   Read More

Choose a Freelancer You Can Work With

November 28, 2014 10:33:00 AM CST

You’ve been tasked with finding someone to fill a position or a specific need, but find yourself stuck because current employees lack the necessary skills for the specific task. You decide to look into a freelancer who can do the work. This saves the company money because they only need the freelancer for that task and, if the right freelancer is hired, then the company doesn’t waste money on having work redone later. So how do you choose the right freelancer?    Read More

Manage Home Office Time During the Holidays

November 24, 2014 10:39:00 AM CST

It’s hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner… again! The summer came and went, now September is nearly gone and Thanksgiving will be upon us before we know it, then Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanza) and New Years too. If you work for yourself or work from home, and plan to have family and/or friends visiting throughout the holidays but do not plan to take significant time off from work, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier to manage the holidays and home office work without turning into a Scrooge.    Read More

How to Work From Home

November 16, 2014 10:27:00 AM CST

For a long time, home-based businesses and the ability to work from home were scoffed at by traditional career-goers. How legitimate could the work actually be if not done in an office with a typical 9-5 workday, complete with commute, traffic, lunch break, and rush hour. Times change, however, and many professional organizations offer occasional or scheduled “work from home” days, with remote login access to work computers or VPN technology.    Read More

What to Do When Freelance Work Slows Down

November 12, 2014 8:44:14 AM CST

None of us want to admit it but we all think about it. That dreaded “slow time” when the work we’ve been so involved in is complete and there’s nothing else on the schedule, either for the moment or for the foreseeable future depending on circumstances. It’s that slow work period that really gets to many freelancers, chipping away their motivation and creating self-doubt that can easily overwhelm the best of us. Those that freelance full-time may start to worry about making ends meet and second-guessing that decision six months ago to leave a 9-5 job for full-time freelancing.    Read More
We all deal with stress differently but one thing many people have in common is a sense of uncontrollability when it comes to the mind. As stress increases, the brain has a harder time focusing and an even harder time relaxing, which usually creates the most trouble when it’s time to sleep. It seems the longer we lie still, trying to sleep, the further from us that sleep actually is. The mind just runs and runs, bouncing between ideas, concerns, stressors, and other irritating thoughts. This rarely happens with the good thoughts, although that may prove problematic over time as well.   Read More

Choosing the Right Type of File Cabinet

October 21, 2014 2:32:00 PM CDT

When outfitting an office there are many items that may need to be purchased. These include things such as desks, chairs, copiers and various other items depending on the size and purpose of the office. One piece of equipment that may not be at the top of many lists, but is just as important as the choice of desks is the filing system.    Read More

Five Reasons for Upgrading Your Office Furniture

October 17, 2014 3:07:27 PM CDT

There are a few basic requirements that every business office has in order to run successfully. Access to basic utilities is a must, unless the office in a remote location. A safe building that does not put employees, management or ownership at risk is also a must.    Read More
Generating $78 billion a year according to a 2012 study, the AV industry is projected to grow to $115 billion globally by 2015. As the need for more complex AV systems has become integral to companies and schools, home operations are also becoming increasingly complex. As the need for communication and collaboration continues on its trajectory, schools, companies and homes will be in the market for quality equipment and exceptional service. According to the New York Times, audio visual strides have started in the living room and then moved into the board room.   Read More
Not all office chairs are created equal. On average, Americans spend nearly 1,800 hours a year working at their job, according to a report released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. That amounts to a lot of time sitting on our backsides. With so many hours spent literally sitting down on the job, it is important to make sure the chair you are sitting in provides the right kind of support to keep you from falling victim to the strains and injuries that can result from a poor office chair. The most prevalent injuries that can occur in an office setting are related to ergonomics, explains Marc Turina, principal consultant for ErgoSmart Consultants. One way to help combat these types of issues is by making sure that you have a quality chair that can be adjusted to fit your needs.    Read More

The Best and Worst of Home Office Work

October 1, 2014 8:40:07 AM CDT

With any career, there are positives and negatives that stem from the type of work, the work environment, and the work conditions. Although some things do not cross over into home office work, people that work from home have a variety of unique pros and cons involving nearly the same factors: the type of work, the work environment, and the work conditions. For many work-at-home professionals, the pros and cons can be greatly influenced by individual behaviors.    Read More

How to Be a Freelancer Worth Hiring

September 25, 2014 2:41:49 PM CDT

Freelancing comprises a significant portion of work for professionals, which has increased with the Digital Age. Unfortunately for many professional freelancers, there’s an overabundance of less-than-professional counterparts that saturate the market and can negatively impact the hiring and work process. When a company hires a less-than-professional freelancer, it can taint their future attitudes toward other freelancers. The only way to really improve relations is to be the type of freelancer that companies want to work with again and again.    Read More

Should You Upgrade Your Office Desks?

September 19, 2014 3:28:00 PM CDT

You might already have invested in office furniture and your office may be up and running. However, for some reason, workers just cannot seem to get comfortable. Some workers have complained of stiff backs, shoulder aches, general discomfort in the desk space, etc. There might be many reasons for this but one of them could be that you have not selected the best desks for their personal use. Yes, offices do have uniform furniture but not all workers are the same.    Read More

Choosing Storage Options for Your Home Office

September 15, 2014 11:00:51 AM CDT

You’ve just started your home office in your garage. It’s not a big space but you have managed to outfit it correctly with a workspace, a manufacturing area and even a small restroom. However, you are quickly running out of storage space. You need space to store your inventory, your tax records, vendor bills, payment receipts and the current storage options you have are not enough. You’re not invested in office furniture and you are now wondering about storage options. As much as you hate to admit it, you know that you need extra storage space.   Read More
Your employees spend a majority of their working lives sitting at their desks. If they simply work 40 hours in a week, they’d rack up an astonishing 1900 hours over the course of a year, notes Patrick Jobin, a guest writer at Gear Patrol. As a way to make them feel more comfortable and reduce turnover, you may want to consider purchasing office furniture that will help them feel more like home. Investing in high-quality office chairs for your employees will make your employees happier and increasing their productivity in the process.    Read More

How To Organize Your School Furniture

September 8, 2014 3:09:00 PM CDT

The physical layout of a classroom can set the tone for the entire scene—how the desks, the working space and material and supply storage are laid out can help support or hinder learning. Given all of the changing directives that schools have, and the small budgets, chances are your schools are trying to deliver 21st Century learning initiatives while being placed in classrooms that were built decades ago. And while you’re trying to provide the same quality instruction in all of your schools, chances are they were all built as needed and each one has its own unique idiosyncrasies that need to be addressed. According to a study cited by Fast Company, classroom design has a 25 percent impact on student learning over the course of a year, whether positive or negative.    Read More
Title 1 funds can be used to purchase products, furniture, equipment, supplies, and services that enhance the learning experience, learning capacity, and quality of learning for students with low-income, underprivileged upbringings. The Title 1 funds cannot be used for previous purchases, and all purchases must be justifiable in accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA); the Act that contains the Title 1 details.   Read More
Schools receiving Title 1 funds are free to use the funds however they feel best suits the needs of their underprivileged students. The use of Title 1 funds must fit within the guidelines of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which specifies the Title 1 purchases must enhance the quality of and/or capacity for learning for students.    Read More

Part 1 of 3: Spending Title 1 Funds - The Basics

August 25, 2014 10:30:00 AM CDT

Using Title 1 funds can often prove challenging for schools and educational agencies. Uncertainty or confusion over what the purchase can lead to making no purchases at all. The Department of Education permits up to 15% of the Title 1 funds to be carried over to the following school year if not used. Purchases are usually made by a given deadline of 30 June.   Read More

Making Music with the Right Music Stand

August 25, 2014 9:17:23 AM CDT

As a parent of a budding musician, you’ve just received the equipment list from your child’s music teacher. Other than the actual instrument, you had no idea how many items you were going to have to purchase to fulfill their dream of becoming a famous musician. There’s the instrument accessories, the extra reeds, the sheet music and, of course, the music stand that you have to purchase so they can practice at home. Whether you realize it or not, the music stand is an essential piece of equipment for all musicians, notes Ben Lowe. While you were once a band geek yourself, it has been so many years since you stepped foot in a band room that you don’t have the first clue as to what you need to look for when purchasing a music stand.   Read More

A 21st Century Science Lab in Every School

August 22, 2014 11:32:44 AM CDT

In 2009, the White House set the lofty goal of having all hands on deck in ensuring that science, math, technology and engineering (STEM) were at the forefront of everyone’s minds, as these were the keys to restoring the United States to first place again in the percentage of people earning a college degree. In supporting that, much attention and commitment has been put into place to support STEM education at all levels. In order to achieve this a roadmap was put into place that included several key areas to help support schools in building and scaling effective STEM strategies. Alongside improving undergraduate STEM retention and graduation rates, this mandate calls for improving undergraduate math and science instruction.   Read More

Strategically Unplug from Technology

August 18, 2014 4:24:12 PM CDT

Consider the last time you turned off every technology device in your home. If you’re like most people, you probably can’t recall ever doing that. Recently the U.S. celebrated a National Day of Unplugging, encouraging people to spend a full 24 hours without technology. IT workers in France recently gained approval to “unplug” when off the clock, and recent research from Sweden found a correlation between technology use and symptoms of depression and sleep disorders in young people. There are plenty who advocate for unplugging and equally as many who suggest we don’t need to. For many of us, however, it’s not as simple as deciding to unplug.   Read More

Should I Go Back to School While Working at Home

August 11, 2014 9:36:00 AM CDT

You’re working from home and things are going well, so you start thinking about going back to school. Maybe you started a Master’s Degree program before and want to finish. Maybe you never completed your undergraduate degree. Whatever the trigger was to start the thought process, there’s a big difference between thinking about something and doing it, especially when the time and effort commitment is as significant as those involved in school.   Read More
Now that you’ve selected your colleges to apply to, it’s time to start that dreaded college application process. The majority of the schools I applied to were out of state, which made it more difficult to navigate as my high school counselor was not familiar with their application process. I ended up having to do a lot of it on my own, and in hindsight, I made it much harder on myself than it needed to be. Here’s how you can simplify the college application process.   Read More

Choosing Legitimate Work for a Home Business

August 4, 2014 8:43:26 AM CDT

Everyday we are exposed to countless ads for opportunities to work from home or start a home-based business. The problem is, for every one legitimate work-from-home ad you see, there are an estimated 60 that are scams. Spotting the job scams are usually easy – but not always. And occasionally, legitimate work can appear to be a scam if you don’t have all of the details before committing to it.   Read More

How to Avoid the Common Dorm Room Pitfalls

July 25, 2014 9:31:00 AM CDT

Tomorrow morning my university will be revealing the secret of my roommate and dorm room assignment. Despite the fact that we will have only approximately 10 feet by 12 feet of living space, you can be sure that my roommate and I will be collaborating to make that tiny room, arguably built for dwarves, as personable and comfortable as possible.   Read More

Five Steps to Selecting a College

July 16, 2014 11:09:00 AM CDT

Most high school freshmen have no idea where they want to further their education, and even seniors who need to start the application process have slim to no idea of what college interests them most. Thankfully, we have the Internet to help us learn more about schools and choose the one that would fit us best. Here’s how you should select the schools to apply to.   Read More
As an eighteen year old soon-to-be college freshman, my ideas of what working in an office would be like came primarily from TV shows like The Office or scenes in movies, where the atmosphere would be chaotic, and where a little summer intern like myself would have minor responsibilities, like fetching coffee for her boss, or working a copy machine. After all, the business world is a food chain, and as the inexperienced eighteen year old, I expected to be the guppy surrounded by superior sharks, their jaws dripping with disdain.   Read More
In our modern world of fast-paced technology-enhanced communications and work environments, multitasking only seems like a natural progression; as if we’re evolving to better suit the world in which we live. It doesn’t work like that, though. The brain has its own agenda, and rapid progression to multitasking with super-human efficiency isn’t on it.   Read More
Office chairs are a little like tennis shoes; they’re only good for ‘so long’ before it’s time to replace them. Like tennis shoes, the desk chair may look just as nice as the day it was assembled, but over time chairs and tennis shoes wear down from use, and if used every day they wear down faster.    Read More
Whether you have just started your new business or are considering updating the look of your current office, buying office furniture is an exciting adventure. Pinterest and office magazines are fueling your office furnishing inspiration, and you are ready to begin the shopping and decorating. There are many elements to consider when purchasing furniture, and this blog will provide you with the information you need as you begin your quest for stellar office furniture, as well as the pitfalls to avoid on your journey.   Read More
People who spend many hours a day trapped inside their offices sitting in uncomfortable chairs put their health and their welfare on the line. Poorly designed office chairs can be considered a real hazard, since they impact employee productivity by making staff members feel tired, overly stressed and forcing them to cope with pain and discomfort in the long run.   Read More

Selecting the Best Conference Room Furniture

June 6, 2014 10:25:00 AM CDT

Selecting the most suitable conference room furniture doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming process. As long as potential buyers rely on the right selection criteria when it comes to analyzing different options, they can easily buy, install and use the best type of furniture designed for conference rooms. All they have to do is take 3 essential elements into consideration: price-quality relationship, design and special features.   Read More

How to Effectively Reduce Office Costs

June 2, 2014 9:54:00 AM CDT

In a challenging economy, businesses and organizations continue to see the need to trim office expenses in order to maximize their capital. If you're faced with the task of reducing costs in your office, here are some practical and effective steps that can help you in your efforts.        Read More

Seven Essential Items for Home Office Work

May 30, 2014 3:52:00 PM CDT

Working from home is most efficient with a designated workspace, even if not in an actual office or room. That is only part of the equation, however, as there are certain essentials that make any workspace or home office more efficient, professional, and business-ready. To maximize home office professionalism and business readiness, the following constitute the bare necessities for a professional home office workspace.   Read More

Should I Sit or Should I Stand... Maybe Both?

May 26, 2014 9:48:00 AM CDT

When it comes to increasing our risk of death and disease, sitting is said to be the new “smoking”. On average, Americans are sedentary for an estimated 7.7 hours per day. Medical experts are starting to refer to this lack of physical activity as the “sitting disease”. Sitting for more than 6 hours a day can make you more likely to fall victim to diabetes, heart disease and obesity than someone that sits less than 3 hours per day. In fact, scientists at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana say that sitting most of the day makes us 54% more likely to die of a heart attack. A little frightening isn’t it? Research suggests that even if we add a little gym-time to our routine, it’s unlikely to help. We are still sitting way too much.   Read More

Managing a Sweet Tooth at Home

May 23, 2014 10:49:00 AM CDT

One of the greatest problems faced when trying to be productive is the effect of sugar and simple carbohydrates on our energy levels and mental focus. Some nutritionists talk of sugar addiction, but it doesn’t always have to be that severe. For many people, consuming high-sugar foods and beverages, or foods and beverages containing large amounts of simple carbohydrates, can have a profound effect on energy levels and energy stability throughout the day.   Read More
Chronic pain plagues our society, and those working from home are no exception. In fact, without the thought of how we appear to office mates, working from home can sometimes lead to worse posture and sitting habits than those of traditional office workers. We’re home so we tend to relax and when we relax we’re not focusing on the problems developing from our sitting, standing, and other postural habits. These bad habits don’t just increase aches and pains; they can affect the way our internal organs work as well.   Read More

Pet-Proof Your Home Office

May 14, 2014 10:06:00 AM CDT

Cat videos are relaxing, cute, amusing, and they provide a little window to briefly escape the monotony of everyday life. But what about cats in the workspace? In a traditional office environment, pets are a non-issue, but when you work from home, allowing certain pets in your home office can be a disaster. It doesn’t have to be, though. With a little “just in case” planning, you can pet-proof your home office for a professional, productive workspace.   Read More

Ten Best Snacks for a Productive Day

May 5, 2014 9:29:00 AM CDT

Everyone knows there is no magic or secret to maximizing daily productivity, but we all want to do just that. When we work efficiently, even if spending the day on household chores, running errands, home school kids, or just relaxing, the more productive we are with whatever we’re doing, the better that day is.   Read More

To-Do List Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

April 21, 2014 10:35:00 AM CDT

You set goals, you make lists, you plan and work from a schedule, but at the end of the day your lists are only partially completed and it seems as if you’ll never catch up to where you think you should be or to your ultimate end-goals. The problem with most of us is not that we’re incapable or lack discipline, but rather we overlook the simple fact that all people are somewhat different. If we want something to work for us, we sometimes need to adjust our approach or adapt the tips, advice, and concepts to better suit us, as individuals.   Read More

Avoiding Home Office Burnout

April 17, 2014 2:42:41 PM CDT

Whether using a home office for studying, a home business, or hobbies and recreational activities, avoiding burnout can mean the difference between entering the home office with a smile or dread. Burnout affects the way we think and function; it heavily influences our productivity and the quality of our work. It decreases a sense of wellness and can, over time, lead to physical and psychological health issues including chronic fatigue, depression, irritability, aches and pains, and lower resistance to illness. Despite knowing the consequences of burnout, however, many people still struggle with managing to avoid it.   Read More

Child Proof Your Home Office

April 10, 2014 11:34:14 AM CDT

Children can be bundles of joy that enhance the quality of our everyday lives, but they can also be destructive little cyclones, with sticky fingers, grubby mitts, and host to a variety of germs that inadvertently affect the productivity and professionalism of a home office. If possible, it is always best to separate a home office made for work from the computer or study desk designed for child-safe access. When not possible, steps can be taken to reduce the potential damage of little rugrats running rampant in your workspace.   Read More

DIY Home Office for Teachers

April 8, 2014 9:15:35 AM CDT

In the 21st century, even teachers are working from home, and having a customized home office designed for teaching needs can make a difference. With the increase in online schools, distance learning, and virtual classrooms for college and university courses, teachers and professors can reach students from virtually anywhere. Designing a home office for teachers can improve grading and lesson planning, as well as provide the instructor with a location for school-specific tasks, video conferencing with class or individual students, and a productive work environment for recording lessons.   Read More

Everything You Wish Google Glass Could Do

April 1, 2014 8:07:00 AM CDT

A colleague at work just received his Google Glass this week, and was in the lunchroom telling everyone about all of the cool things it can do. I haven't had the opportunity to borrow them yet, but here's what I'm hoping for: Top 5 Things Google Glass Should Do at the Office.   Read More

How to Stop Work-Related Eye Strain

March 25, 2014 11:15:05 AM CDT

Eye strain is a common problem for many professionals working with computers all day, whether in a traditional business office, in a home office, or in classrooms and computer labs. There are a few factors that contribute to eye strain, setting aside chronic dry-eye issues, but there are many things we can do to reduce or prevent eye strain from happening altogether. I should not that this work-related eye strain is generally harmless, though uncomfortable for quite a while depending on the cause and symptoms. Bodies are really smart, the eyes included, and will reset, in a sense, when given time to rest.   Read More

Setting Up Your Home Office: Shopping for a Desk

March 17, 2014 10:20:09 AM CDT

Whether your home office is in an actual room or simply a corner cordoned off to create an office space, the desk is the center of all home office operations. Buying a first desk or upgrading to a new desk should be done with careful consideration. Although some would argue the desk chair is most important, the desktop is wear your productivity occurs, and the layout, size, design, and options must support your particular needs.   Read More

Where's My Paperless Office?

March 10, 2014 8:23:00 AM CDT

Thirty years ago, I was promised a paperless office, and I'm still waiting. Oh, sure, we have lots of documents stored in our network of servers.  Lots.  Terabytes, in fact.  More files than I care to count.  But we still have paper all over the office… sometimes it’s even stuff worth keeping.  So it is with this in mind that I have prepared another time-wasting list: Top 5 Real Life Office Filing Systems.    Read More
Working from home can seem like a dream until you actually have the opportunity to do so. It’s amazing how suddenly so many other things have to be done the moment you sit down to do work! These seven tricks can make a difference in your overall productivity, whether you work for yourself, telecommute on occasion, or even if just using your home office for studying, school work, or hobbies.   Read More
Did you know one of the major causes of low back pain can be attributed to the furniture we sit in on a daily basis? Although our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods throughout the day, many modern occupations require it. And, contrary to popular belief, that saying you always heard from your grandmother, "sit up straight!" may not be the best position to sit in afterall.   Read More

Planning a Science Lab on a Budget

August 22, 2013 9:19:47 AM CDT

When resources are limited, creativity and flexibility is needed to design a reliable science laboratory. While the type of lab will have to be considered, many design elements will apply to the majority of labs including physics or chemistry. Once a physical space is determined to be suitable, the laboratory design, equipment and budget must be developed before any work begins. Professional labs do not normally face the same financial constraints that educational systems encounter, but still benefit from proper planning.   Read More

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