Step Up to the Blackboard

Every traditional school house or classroom was once equipped with a standard chalkboard that the teacher used to instruct his or her students. This timeless educational tool is still used today, with many classrooms dedicating whole walls to this type of learning aid.

Chalkboards are a great way for students to learn. The chalk itself glides easily across the magnetic surface, creating clear lines that are easy to read. Unlike the dry erase markers used with whiteboards, you’ll never pick up a piece of chalk and find that it’s unusable and dried out. Additionally, when mistakes are made, they are easy to correct or fix by simply erasing with a felt duster. Between classes, running the eraser across the board takes care of removing the work that was previously there, and a quick once-over with a sponge gets everything ready for a new day tomorrow.

These instructional devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Aluminum or oak borders not only frame the board but also offer a small shelf to hold writing equipment and erasers. For the classrooms without a built-in structure, reversible boards on wheels are easily transported from room to room. Though they are often smaller than wall-mounted surfaces, they can be easily flipped if a clean slate is needed quickly.

Vast Market has a chalkboard to go with every classroom, regardless of the existing décor. In wall options, there is a variety of shapes and sizes for your classroom that go beyond your traditional framed-in structure. Color is another customization that we offer our customers. Choose from black, beige, blue, or green for your writing surface color.

Inject some fun into the learning process with colorful writing equipment to engage younger students. Colored writing implements can also help with technical differentiation, if you’re teaching biological diagrams, or mapping the parts of a sentence. Your background color won’t matter when you have a variety of writing colors for your students to choose from.

Chalkboards are a great learning tool for every age and every grade level. They are easy to clean, easy to keep up with, and offer a fun way to get the whole class involved. At the end of the day, simply wipe clean and start over.