Microscopes & Document Cameras


Microscopes For Students and Teachers

Supply your science lab with high-quality microscopes constructed with a durable one-piece aluminum body case and offered in standard and ¾-size for comfortable use by professionals, teachers, and students of all ages. The aluminum microscope frame features a built-in handle for comfortable carrying, and the cordless microscopes have built-in storage space for battery charger and power cord. The microscope optics are coated to protect from humidity and climate changes, for consistently clear specimen viewing, and the focus knobs are positioned for easy reach access that offers ergonomic comfort for extended laboratory microscope use. Rechargeable microscope batteries provide up to 40 hours of cordless portable microscope viewing and our quality microscope collection is backed by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty for lasting quality assurance.

Monocular microscope is available in four styles, with two dual opposing head microscopes offered for group work or flexibility. Standard size microscope with monocular lens features integrated security to prevent damage or theft of expensive optics. The prism head rotates 360 degrees for personalized comfort and the mirror-free microscope design provides exceptional viewing clarity. We have microscopes with magnification objective lenses for 4x, 10x, 40xS and 100xS, with a 10x widefield eyepiece and adjustments for coarse and fine focusing. Floating stage holds microscope slides or other viewing specimen, and the microscope is also offered in smaller size PrepScope 2 Microscope for use as school science lab microscopes or easy portable size for fieldwork.

Microscope with two opposing heads comes in standard microscope size and ¾-size perfect for smaller hands in school science labs or for easy transport in professional fieldwork. The square stage has built-in clips to hold laboratory slides on the small dual-head microscope, and a floating mechanical stage on the standard-size large microscope. Binocular microscope has reversible nosepiece and sliding binocular head for comfort. Pair science lab microscopes with gooseneck video camera or gooseneck digital camera to enhance classroom demonstrations or business presentations, and design a full science lab furniture arrangement with our complete line of science lab equipment including: lab tables, laboratory stools, lab workstations, science lab storage, and lab safety equipment. With affordable pricing and quantity discounts, order more and save today!