An Organized Classroom

These quality storage systems offer exceptional classroom storage solutions for every grade, school, and age. Mobile classroom storage units support busy teachers and class activities while the stationary storage shelves and cabinets organize school supplies in functional style. Our mailbox storage shelving makes a versatile addition to classroom settings, serving as teacher and staff mailboxes in the main office or teachers' lounge. These are also great to use as classroom cubbies for students' backpacks, books, assignments, and lunches. The extensive collection of classroom storage elements includes a wide variety of school friendly organizers to keep classrooms neat and tidy.

Classroom organizers and cabinets accommodate flexible use, with open shelf storage for individual student cubbyholes or convenient label ready storage bins for organizing arts and craft supplies. Add labels to the shelves, drawers, or bins for neat arrangements, or use colored drawers and bins with labels for enhanced color coded organizing. Mobile storage units for classrooms have cabinet style doors with interior shelves or come in open shelf design. Mobile storage organizers with bins and drawers simplify classroom lessons and activities for more efficient instruction.